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About All-Heal


All-Heal is a medical practice using herbalism and massage to treat a range of health problems.  Directed by Isobel Ravden – a qualified herbalist and massage therapist – the practice offers natural, plant-based remedies, dietary and lifestyle advice and massage to treat patients for a variety of conditions from common colds to ME.  The practice also offers a series of herb walks, workshops, advice sessions and massage courses.

About Isobel

Isobel Ravden

With a BSc in Phytotherapy, CPP accreditation and NIMH  training along with APNT qualifications as both a massage therapist and instructor, Isobel is ideally placed to promote and practise Herbal Medicine and Body Work.

“I believe that the future of medicine lies in an integrated approach to healthcare, and a holistic approach to the patient.  Both herbal medicine and massage can not only provide solutions to existing problems, but also have a hugely important role to play in the prevention of and recovery from illness, injury, stress and depression.  Both disciplines are also extremely effective as adjunctive treatments to palliative therapy.

It is my passion and belief in Herbal Medicine as a safe, effective and whole system of medicine that makes me feel immensely privileged to do the work I do.  I get to meet a myriad of interesting people - of all ages and walks of life, and every case I see as both a herbalist and a massage therapist is entirely unique; every day in my practice is different from the next, and I love every minute!  Not many people can claim the same and I consider myself extremely lucky!"