"I was struggling with a collection of debilitating conditions and also having severe problems sleeping for many years which was having a profound effect upon my ability to manage my health and my life in general.  I was very frustrated with conventional medicine which required me to see different specialists for almost every symptom and meant I was placed on endless waiting lists, for what was usually an unsatisfactory consultation.

As a result, I examined the possibility of alternative treatment, and looked for a practice that would understand the medical complexities of my conditions and treatments as well as the alternatives to conventional medicine.

When I met Isobel for an initial consultation it soon became clear to me that, as a medical herbalist, she had a very extensive knowledge and training in anatomy, physiology and clinical diagnosis.  I was able to discuss fully with her my medical conditions and the treatments I had been prescribed and was subsequently able to explore alternative treatments.

I also found Isobel’s approach to be to be warm and caring, and thanks to her care, have managed to find a level of treatment which keeps my health stable. 

For me the most extraordinary outcome of my treatment with Isobel has been the restoration of regular sleep.  I had not slept properly for about 13 years but, having tried the herbal treatment prescribed for me, I now sleep at least six to seven hours per night, regularly.  The difference this has made to my health, mental well-being and life in general, is something I cannot thank Isobel enough for."

HW, Legal Consultant

"I was diagnosed with high blood pressure ten years ago, at the age of 68.  I felt that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life on medication, despite pressure from my GP.  Thanks to advice and treatment from Isobel, I only take herbal medicine now, and my blood pressure is maintained at a stable level that both my GP and I are happy with.  I now also consult Isobel for other health issues that come up, and she always has a solution – including her treatment of my auto-immune condition which has had a profoundly positive affect on the quality of my life.  I would be happy to recommend Isobel and her treatment to anyone."


When I had children I wanted to give them the most natural but effective health care. I have known Isobel for the past 4 years and she has successfully treated a range of my family's health issues with her wondrous medicines and always been there for support and advice when needed. It's really reassuring to know that she is there if I need help, which with children is rather frequent!


"What can I say? I was sceptical-I had tried everything for my back pain but the holistic herbal approach has reduced my back pain from acute almost constantly to having only occasional flare ups. It was the herbs but also the knowledgeable nutrition and physical health advice. Since being won over on the basis of the herbs and Isobel's professional but warm approach, I have had help with fertility issues and herbs then saw me through labour-along with water! I am now pregnant with my second child and the support the herbs have given me with my usual health concerns and then being able to adjust to my needs to work alongside the conventional grim side effects of fertility drugs has been awesome. My son also had a much less awful time when he had chicken pox recently. I trust this approach and I trust Isobel. I couldn't recommend working with Isobel more highly."


"Having had a lot of stress through my postgraduate studies my general health was poor. I regularly had antibiotics for various infections over the last few years and had geographic tongue which was very sore. Isobel and I met and had a great chat about my recent life, relocation, work, stress and diet. I felt very comfortable talking to Isobel and she understood what I needed very quickly. Isobel recommended a herbal prescription which I take twice a day. Since starting the treatments I have not needed any antibiotics, my geographic tongue has completely cleared up and I have not yet had a bad cold this winter! I would really recommend anyone to meet with Isobel and have a chat about where their health needs a boost. I'm so very glad I did."


"I found Isobel engaging and attentive to my needs and the herbs she chose fitted perfectly with my symptoms. I feel restored and positive about using herbs to heal. Many Thanks."